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Ranking System of ABADÁ-Capoeira

Youth Graduation System
(3 to 16 years old)

Important note: The youth’s graduation system was recently reformed to better serve the progress of the little ones, now starting capoeira even younger. This is the new system that will allow them to progress normally and at the same time will give them time to mature until they can become graduados.


Crua (Natural)


Crua com uma ponta amarela (Natural with one Yellow tassel) – 3 years old
Crua com pontas amarelas (Natural with Yellow tassel) – 4 years old
Crua com pontas amarela-laranja (Natural with Yellow-orange tassel) – 5 years old
Crua com pontas amarela-laranja (Natural with Yellow-orange tassel) – 5 years old
Crua com pontas laranja-azuil (natural with Orange-blue tassel) – 7 years old
Crua com pontas azuis (natural with Blue tassel) – 8 years old
Crua-amarela (Natural-yellow) – First transition – at least 9 years old
Amarela (Yellow), “The Gold” –  signifies the value of the apprenticeship to be developed – at least 10 years old
Crua-laranja (Natural-orange) – Transition – at least 11 years old
Amarela-laranja (Yellow-orange) – Transition – at least 12 years old
Laranja (Orange), “The “Sun” – signifies the awakening of the consciousness of the apprenticeship – at least 13 years old
Crua-azul (Natural-blue) – Transition – at least 14 years old
Amarela-azul (Yellow-blue) – Transition – at least 15 years old
Laranja-azul (Orange-blue) – Transition – at least 16 years old



Adult Graduation System


Blue – “The “Sea” – signifies the consciousness of the immensity of the path that is ahead
Blue-green – Transition
Green – “The “Forest” – signifies the lungs of the world. It is in this graduation that the strength of the work is concentrated, as is the solidification of the apprenticeship. In this graduation lies the foundation of the future of Abadá-capoeira
Green-purple – Transition

Purple – “The Amethyst”- This is the reflection of the continuity of Capoeira. In this graduation one works to overcome physical, psychological, and spiritual pains in the search for knowledge of Capoeira and the defense of Abadá-capoeira’s ideals
Purple-Brown – Transition

Brown – “The “Chameleon” – At this level the Capoeirista has assimilated the style of the group. From this graduation comes future Mestrandos, Masters, and Grand Masters

Brown-red – Transition






Red – “The “Ruby” –  is the stone that symbolizes justice. It is this graduation in which the Capoeirista acquires responsibility towards Capoeira and tries to conduct their work and make decisions with justice.








Red-white – In this graduation the Capoeirista tries to develop their potential in order to concentrate and maintain Abada-capoeira’s ideals. It is a phase of transformation, because the Mestre is preparing to obtain the highest graduation in Abada-capoeira’s system.








White – “The “Diamond” – The “Diamond” is the hardest and most resilient mineral. It reflects all colors and all colors are united in white. The only person who holds this title in Abada-Capoeira is Mestre Camisa, President and founder of Abada-Capoeira.  At this level of Mestre, it is necessary to make decisions with precision, honesty and, above all, wisdom and impartiality.  It is through wisdom, patience, humility, loyalty and firm beliefs that the Mestre can maintain the organization’s philosophy, tradition, and principles.




This title in Abada-Capoeira was held by Grão Mestre Camisa Roxa, a first-generation Formado of the famous Mestre Bimba, the founder and creator of Capoeira Regional da Bahia. Grão Mestre Camisa Roxa worked to support the ideal of Abada-Capoeira. He remains as Abada-Capoeira Grão Mestre ‘in memorian’.




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