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The A.C.E. provides excellent cultural physical education programs. These co-curricular classes are dynamic, enriching and will enhance your overall learning atmosphere. A few of the benefits our students gain include

  • lifelong healthy habits

  • cultural diversity including music and instruments

  • greater respect for themselves and others

  • improved academic performance via paralleled goal-setting and planning behaviors to reach and surpass said goals

  • many wonderful physical benefits

Capoeira is a physical and creative outlet that promotes a sense of community and self-confidence. The physical aspects promote good balance, strength and flexibility while the mental aspects encourage improvisation, strategic thinking and progressive achievement. Students excel with and beyond their classmates promoting healthy competition and a drive to achieve more. 


The A.C.E.'s after-school enrichment programs provide a plethora of benefits to students, their families, schools and the community overall. Capoeira is played as an extremely game where you encounter two winners in the spirit of competition to make both participants progressively better. It is a truly unique activity that challenges its students on many different levels. Among the many advantages students gain from our classes are

  • valuable life skills 

  • long-lasting friendships

  • character development well beyond the classroom walls

The various activities and games within Capoeira inherently offer an environment that is so much fun, students hardly realize they are continuing to learn the academic principles that are the foundation of their school day. Our classes are a fantastic enrichment boost to any after-school roster. 



Summer Camps


The A.C.E. provides a wonderfully enriching activity for summer camps. Our multi-faceted Capoeira centric programs have something for everyone. Children not into traditional sports can excel with and beyond their peers. The camaraderie and self-confidence encouraged throughout our programs are the best tools for the character development that is crucial over the summer. Among the benefits experienced by our summer camps are:

  • an exciting yet safe environment

  • memorable experiences campers will want to return to for years to come

  • excited campers eager to play, grow and learn

  • traditional and modern exercises taught via games and music

Aspects such as improvisation, dynamic partner & group work, and a new language & culture create such a fun-filled environment that campers hardly realize they are continuing to learn principles that will carry them through to the next academic year. Our programs are an excellent boost to any summer camp activity catalog.


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