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Mestrando Cascão

Luiz Fernando Pereira Monteiro was born in 1971. He began capoeira in 83/84 with a former student of the Mestre Camisa (Itaborá), which was a social work in Santo Amaro community, in the year 84 this study was terminated because of a trip from even for the US. And at the end of 86 he began training with Mestre Camisa in the old Association in Botafogo.

Teachs Capoeira in Portugal since 1999 in the cities of Guimarães and Braga.

He was responsible for the work of the implementation of Abada-Capoeira Angola, and the Center for Research and Origins of Capoeira, 1996-1998.

He coordinates the Abada-Capoeira in Portugal, Angola and South Africa.

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