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Mestra Edna Lima

During Black History Month in February 2000, Edna Lima received a formal proclamation from the New York City Council for outstanding contributions to the community:

“On the occasion of this special Black History Month Celebration, the Council is pleased and proud to honor Edna Lima for her outstanding contributions to the community.”

Edna Lima was introduced to the world of Capoeira when she was 12 years old. She began training in Brasilia, first with Instrutor Dentinho and then after he moved she joined Mestre Tabosa and began training in the Senzala method. The following year she added Karate to her schedule of martial arts training.

For years she trained in Brasilia and traveled all over Brazil, taking Capoeira workshops and playing in new rodas. She learned different methods of Capoeira and faced the challenges of being one of the few women who trained in those days. Since the beginning she has always been known simply as “Edna” and was a talented practitioner in both Capoeira and Karate.

In 1981, she completed three graduation ceremonies. In Capoeira she became the very first female Mestre with Mestre Tabosa; in Karate she received her Black Belt in Shotokan with Sensei Testa and Childerico; and she also graduated from University with a degree in Physical Education.

Edna became a member and the first female master in ABADÁ-Capoeira, the largest Capoeira organization in the world when she received her Mestranda title and her red cord from Mestre Camisa (whom she knew and studied with for 25 years) and Grand Mestre Camisa Roxa in 1997 in Rio de Janeiro.

Edna received her Godan, fifth-degree black belt, from Sensei Okazaki in 1999, and is a member of the ISKF, the largest Karate organization in the world, affiliated with the JKA/WF.

At this time Edna has been training Capoeira and Karate for well over 30 years. She regularly teaches workshops and leads Batizados in Barcelona, Israel, Japan, Spain, Austria, Germany, Morocco, Dubai, Mexico, Montreal, Aruba and Puerto Rico. She has also represented the US National Karate Team in Canada, Columbia, Curacao, Japan, Malaysia and Venezuela. And while she has continued as one of the outstanding Capoeira instructors in the world, she has also accumulated a dozen Karate 

titles. She is a five-time Brazilian champion, four-time US Champion, four-time Pan-American Champion, two-time Ozawa International Champion and is in the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame. In the spring of 2003 Edna participated in the Cultural Olympics in Greece among 800 artists from around the globe.

In the mid 1990’s, Edna Lima developed her own workout class, Capoeira Workout®, a functional training program based on the movements of Capoeira. This program has since received worldwide recognition and acclaim as a uniquely effective training method, including recent physiological research, validating the program’s effectiveness and providing a valuable model for the scientific study of the biological effects of both Capoeira and Karate training.

Edna has also taught Capoeira in both the Dance and Sports Science Departments at Long Island University in NYC and in the past has been invited to present Capoeira as a martial arts program at the prestigious Wingate Institute in Israel.

In 2013, Edna will be celebrating her 25th anniversary in the United States and the 39th Anniversary in Capoeira! In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August 2013, Edna Lima will be honored once again when she is awarded the rank of Mestra, one of the highest ranks in ABADÁ-Capoeira.

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